The National Jazz Alliance was formed in 2008 to develop a unified voice and strategy for jazz and improvised music in Australia.

Founding member organisations are Jazz WA, Melbourne Co-op, Jazz Queensland, Sydney Improvised Music Association, Jazz SA, Jazzgroove and Wangaratta Festival of Jazz.

Comments and involvement from individuals and associations who are involved in improvised jazz are welcomed.  Visit page Is anyone out there? for a starting point.

The national coordinator for this Alliance is Joanne Kee.  If you wish to contact Joanne please email -jkeeatnationaljazzalliance.com.au-.

This position has been funded by the Australia Council.

Australia Council


4 responses to “About

  1. soundtravellers

    Please visit our background section. We welcome your comments.

  2. Improvisation should be like a picnic, not knowing the weather or any other conditions surrounding us, yet expecting the best is going to happen.
    allways play yourself, be influenced, don’t copy other musos.

  3. bulbousalsotapered

    Why does this group mention “jazz and improvised music” when all of the links are to Jazz groups? I can see no references here to the more experimental areas of improvisation – no links to the NowNow festival, the Make It Up Club, Liquid Architecture etc. If this is purely about the more mainstream areas of Jazz then you should say so. I’ve got no kick against modern jazz, but I’d like to know whether free improvisors are considered part of this Alliance?

  4. Working title is jazz alliance, it is starting up and initially groups involved (and that have links) are the ones that have contributed cash to get this going. However consultation it is open to all and Elliot Dagleish and Audio Pollen attended the forum, plus Alex who used to be on Now:Now committee. Everyone is welcome to comment and to be involved. Joanne

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