Draft national jazz plan – for comment

Hi would love to hear comments and feedback on this plan.  If you can’t open this please email me – jkee-at-nationaljazzalliance.com.au, I am having problems with the technology.

Cheers  Joanne


One response to “Draft national jazz plan – for comment

  1. Hi Joanne

    The plan is an impressive start! I’d just like to highlight the need for information ABOUT the artists, the music, discourse, and discussion etc. For potential audiences (and there are many out there) to appreciate the jazz landscape they need to have some reference points – who are the artists? What are their creative concerns? What IS the music? How does it relate to other Australian cultural contexts?

    The documentary process is an integral part of any artform, so that discussion, development, education, promotion, can be effected, and the links between artists, the art, and the audience can be encouraged and enhanced.

    The connection between the artist, the music, the gig or recording, and the audience, needs to be lubricated thus!

    It would be great to see something of this included explicitly in the plan.


    John Davis

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